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Approval of certain Architectural Design Institute Co. Ltd. Department of the Ministry of construction building engineering class a design institute, since 1993, in the concern and support of leaders at all levels and the social from all walks of life, our hospital technical team and design level has been continuously enriched and improved, the existing staff of 100 people, including senior technical titles 25 people, intermediate technical titles 36 people, 4 state first class registered architects, two national registered architect 3 people, National 1st class Registered Structural Engineer 4 people, the main technical backbone of 61 people. Professional work is fully equipped, sophisticated equipment, have to keep pace with the times in the design and management level.

Our institute since its inception, has completed the senior office, hotel, commercial plaza, schools, industrial parks, residential areas, villas and other types of architectural design. To meet the need of market development and change, our hospital in a "foothold in our province, into the provincial" business philosophy, has to undertake a large number of projects from other provinces in our hospital adhere to the "creative construction products, to high quality service" of the enterprise purpose, dedication to the vast number of developers and owners of service, through our efforts, to win the the investors and owners alike, to create a good social benefit and economic benefit.